Spruce Up Your Apartment with Pieces from Oswego Design Stores

shopping for furniture on a tablet device

To ensure that the four walls of your sanctuary at Farmington Hills Apartments are relaxing and serene, you may want to consider fresh ideas and design options. Oswego design stores have everything you need, available for online shopping and curbside pickup. Shopping local makes a big difference for the community, so check out these stores […]

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3 Options For Gourmet Pizza in Oswego

sharing a pizza

If you’re craving pizza in Oswego, the best local pizzerias are here to help. They’re serving up pies with high-quality ingredients and delicious flavor combinations. There’s something for everyone, whether you prefer cheese, meat, or veggies. Check out these three spots where you can order an amazing pizza. Best of all, they’ll deliver right to […]

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Visit Oswego’s Little White School Museum Online

old school

Located only three miles from the Farmington Lakes Apartments, Oswego’s Little White School Museum is a must-see for locals and visitors. Learn about the rich history of Oswego thanks to the museum’s online resources. Rich In Oswego History The Little White School Museum is a local treasure that offers a peek into the past. The […]

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