Add A Touch of Flora

As you already know, April showers bring May flowers. So, in May, it is likely your thoughts have turned to flowers. Maybe you went hiking and plucked some or maybe you received a nice bouquet from a loved one. Or maybe you dropped in at the florist and bought roses, dahlias, or daffodils for Mother’s Day.

Instead of having the flowers fade away and then be thrown away, you can use them to decorate your Farmington Lakes living room or bedroom by creating a dried floral arrangement. It’s easy to do, and the dried flowers make for a very attractive household decoration.

You don’t need any special equipment to air dry flowers other than floral ties. (Rubber bands will do the trick equally well.)

The steps in air drying are:

  • Place a floral twist or rubber band around a small group of flowers (3 to 5).
  • Hang the bunch upside down. The place they are hung must be warm and dry. It can’t be damp or the flowers will not dry. A closet or garage, if warm and dry, will work well.
  • Let them hang in the warm dry place for 2 to 3 weeks.
  • After 2 weeks, check to see if they are ready. They’ll be dry to your touch if they are.
  • Gather your flowers in small bunches, with a rubber band or floral twist tie around the stems.

You can also buy flowers with an eye to drying them. Pay attention to the color scheme. Yellow and blue flowers both keep their color if they are dried, but red roses will deepen to burgundy and pink ones will fade to an antique look. Place in a vase when they are fully dried. A florist couldn’t have done it better!

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