3 Oswego Restaurants Offering Curbside Pickup

Pasta with tomato sauce from one of three Oswego restaurants offering curbside pickup.

Are you tired of having the same meals at home every week and want to avoid the mess of cooking? If you’re contemplating dinner, what’s better than a delicious, cozy meal that’s delivered right to your front door? And, if you want to take a drive, check out these Oswego restaurants offering curbside pickup. Best of […]

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Catch These Amazing Documentaries on Netflix

A couple enjoying Netflix documentaries in bed.

Since the start of the 21st century, documentaries have increased in popularity as a form of entertainment. They cover everything from food to famous music festivals. So, when you’re ready to relax at Farmington Lakes Apartments, here are three Netflix documentaries you don’t want to miss. They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead  Famed director Orson Welles changed […]

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3 Easy Recipes to Make From Pantry Ingredients

More people are starting to cook from home and try out new recipes. It’s a great activity that encourages creativity and produces delicious meals. Don’t know what to make for dinner? Here are three easy recipes to make from pantry ingredients in your Farmington Lakes apartment. Easy Cheeseburger Pie Everyone loves cheeseburgers and delicious pies. Combine […]

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