Visit Oswego’s Little White School Museum Online

old school

Located only three miles from the Farmington Lakes Apartments, Oswego’s Little White School Museum is a must-see for locals and visitors. Learn about the rich history of Oswego thanks to the museum’s online resources. Rich In Oswego History The Little White School Museum is a local treasure that offers a peek into the past. The […]

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Spend a Relaxing Thanksgiving Weekend in Oswego

If you live in the Farmington Lakes Apartments in Oswego, it’s easy to plan fun and relaxing activities for the holiday weekend with safe social distancing practices in place, that are all located within a short drive. Whether you’re looking for fresh air, a jump start on holiday shopping, or in search of a good […]

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Indulge in the Best Tiramisu in Oswego

After a savory dinner, there’s nothing better than a sweet treat. If you prefer your dessert with a kick of espresso, several local restaurants are serving up the best tiramisu in Oswego. When you are ready to enjoy this Italian favorite, these spots are offering pickup and delivery to our apartments in Oswego. Traverso’s Restaurant  […]

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