Winter Fun: Snowshoeing Near Oswego

Smiling couple snow shoeing in the forest

Snowshoeing is a fun winter activity that dates back centuries. It’s an exciting way to explore snow-covered terrain while simultaneously improving your cardiovascular health. Believe it or not, you can burn between four hundred and nine hundred calories per hour! And because it’s low-impact, it is suitable for all athletic abilities. Residents of Farmington Lakes […]

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Explore The St. James Farm Forest Preserve

With more than one hundred acres of woodlands, prairies, and wetlands, it’s no wonder that the St. James Farm Forest Preserve is where many locals head when they want to spend time outdoors.¬†Encompassing 612 acres, the first Europeans to settle on this land were farmers and several structures from the late 1800s farmsteads still stand.¬†Visitors […]

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Take A Break At The Soul LOVE Fest

Thousands of people around the country will be flocking to Oswego this fall for a two-day retreat that is all about¬†connecting the mind, body, and spirit. At Soul LOVE, visitors will have the chance to attend numerous workshops and activities to meditate, heal, grow, and simply learn more about themselves and how to lead a […]

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