Celebrate The 4th At The Red, White, and Pool In Montgomery, Illinois

Happy children playing during an Independence Day event in Montgomery.

Like many of us, you probably look forward to July 4th every year. This special day often includes food, fun, and fireworks. For all three, consider attending the Red, White, and Pool Independence Day event in Montgomery.

Dabble In Fun Activities At The Red, White, And Pool

This event is for everyone and is held at the Civic Center Aquatic Park.

Bring the little ones and a change of clothes for them so they can participate in water balloon games. Imagine the fun you’ll have watching an all-out water balloon war in session. When the kids are done, towel them off and check out the other activities.

Try the Candy Bar Bingo. Can you get lucky and bring home all the chocolate? Come and try out your bingo skills!

For those who want to channel their artistic side, there’ll be a “draw on the deck” contest. This is a great opportunity to show off your creative prowess and maybe even win the contest altogether.

If you have great memory and knowledge about our country’s history, check out the patriotic trivia game. Make the 4th of July more memorable by recalling important facts about America’s founding.

The Coral Reef Grill At The Civic Center Aquatic Park

After a long day of fun and activities, you’ll likely be hungry.

So, head on over to the Coral Reef Grill on site and order some tasty hamburgers with all the fixings. After all, what’s Independence Day without hamburgers? Did you know that beef tops the list of favorite meats on Independence Day? In fact, Americans eat more beef (in the form of steaks, hamburgers, and brisket) on July 4th than chicken and pork.

Farmington Lakes Apartments Is Conveniently Located Near The Civic Center Aquatic Park

All in all, the Red, White, and Pool Independence Day event in Montgomery offers something for everyone.

Considering the Red, White, and Pool is from 11 am to 5 pm, what can you do to pass the time before the event? Fortunately, Farmington Lakes Apartments is in close proximity to the park (1.5 miles to be exact). Why not consider making one of our luxurious living spaces your new home? Instead of sweltering in the heat, you’ll wait in comfortable surroundings.

For more information about our community or to set up a personalized tour, contact us. We’d love to show you around!

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