Enjoy a Virtual Tour of the Art Institute of Chicago

South Garden at the Art Institute of Chicago.

In downtown Chicago, you’ll find one of the world’s greatest art museums.¬†We’re talking about the Art Institute of Chicago, and with over 260,000 works, it houses one of the largest collections of exhibits in the United States. Many of the works are available to enjoy online. Some exhibits you can see from your Oswego apartment include:

A Sunday on La Grande Jatte 

The best and largest painting by Georges Seurat, A Sunday on La Grande Jatte, was created between 1884 and 1886. Seurat worked in stages. For each work, he began with a small layer of horizontal brushstrokes of complementary colors and then added small dots that appeared as solid forms when spotted from a distance. 


This furisode was once owned by a family whose crest featured the flower of the Mandarin orange. Women and children sported the crest on their clothing on special occasions. The red fabric features orchids and chrysanthemums, while the needlework realistically portrays the contours of a tree trunk. 

The Bedroom

When Vincent van Gogh moved into his first home, he painted dozens of canvases to fill the walls. Exhausted from the effort, he spent 2.5 days in bed, which inspired The Bedroom. This piece is one of Van Gogh’s most esteemed paintings, and it dates back to 1889. 

The Waterfall

Henri Rousseau painted The Waterfall in the last year of his life. It’s believed the artist left his work unfinished as some of the leaves lack his characteristic overlapping of color. Rousseau was a self-taught artist, and although he excelled in depicting exotic locales, he never set foot outside of France. 

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