Enjoy the Best Potstickers Around Oswego

Three different varieties of potstickers around Oswego on bowls that you can find around town

Potstickers are delicious Chinese dumplings that are steamed and then pan-fried. They’re filled with everything from duck to chicken meat. If you want to enjoy the best potstickers around Oswego, head to one of these restaurants today.

Wang’s Garden

At Wang’s Garden, the chefs use fresh ingredients to bring their unique style of Mandarin cuisine to life. The restaurant offers a warm, homey setting with authentic decor and floral centerpieces. Locals appreciate the variety of flavors and large portion sizes.

The servers are also extremely friendly and willing to help you choose the perfect meal. For a great meal, pair a chicken, pork, beef, or seafood entree with a dish of steamed or fried potstickers. The restaurant also offers a great vegetarian menu, with offerings like “bean curd home style” and “kung pao tofu.”

Lao Sze Chuan

Lao Sze Chuan opened in 1998, and it’s one of the area’s most beloved eateries. Due to its popularity among locals, the restaurant has received a three fork rating from the Chicago Tribune.

Founder Tony Hu proudly serves traditional Sichuan cuisine. He enjoys bringing a taste of his homeland to Illinois and offers unbeatable specials. Enjoy the pork potstickers or Peking dumplings with a side of pan-fried noodles or Yang Zhou fried rice. 

The Turf Room

Step inside¬†The Turf Room, and you’ll find three dining rooms, a lounge, and a wine bar. It’s a fun place to unwind after a long day, with crackling fireplaces to keep you toasty on a cold winter’s night.

All in all, the service is impeccable, and the waitstaff generally greets regulars by name. In the kitchen, the chefs prepare time-honored recipes using high-quality ingredients. In particular, the duck potstickers are a customer favorite. They’re filled with ground duck meat,¬†ginger, scallions, and spinach and served with a delicious garlic soy dipping sauce.

Find More Potstickers Around Oswego

Best of all, the above dining establishments comprise just a fraction of your dining options in our community. Want continued access to the best potstickers around Oswego? If so, consider making Farmington Lakes Apartments your next home. To schedule a tour of our luxurious living spaces or chat about moving to Oswego, contact us today. We’d love to show you how our vibrant community can add comfort and satisfaction to your life.

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