Fresh Ideas for Pumpkin Halloween Decor on Your Balcony

Fall is in the air, and that means one thing: decorating with pumpkins! Celebrate the season with some creative and unique takes on pumpkin carving that will amaze your friends and family. Skip the same old Jack-o-lantern at your luxury apartments in Oswego with balconies, and do something different with your gourds this year.

Make a creepy Mouse Motel with a large pumpkin. All you need to do is draw circles all over your pumpkin and use a keyhole saw to cut the holes out. Purchase rubber mice, and stick a mouse in each hole, making it look like your pumpkin is crawling with mice! Use rubber insects and bats for something different, or make a few various pumpkins.

Get a bunch of pumpkins together, and create a spooky snake. Create the snake with as many pumpkins as you like by placing them in a curved line. Cut holes in each pumpkin with a small saw, and create features for the snake’s face and head with a marker and saw. String twinkle lights through holes in both sides of the pumpkin to light it up. This looks great snaking around your balcony!

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