Oswego Country Market: A Place Of Wonders

A woman in her 50's shops in a local outdoor farmers market with fresh, organic local fruits and vegetables. She smiles as she compares different vegetables for ripeness.

Do you love having access to fresh, quality food? If so, head over to the Oswego Country Market. This unique open-air market offers a bountiful selection of goods and produce. Best of all, it’s open Sundays from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm through September 30th. So, take a leisurely stroll through the market. We guarantee you’ll love the amazing variety of fresh produce available.


What Oswego Country Market Offers

This market opens in June every summer and is usually a bustling hub of activity. The vendors at the market sell everything from locally-sourced vegetables to homemade crafts and gifts! Locals rave over the unique, handmade items. Additionally, it’s a great place to make friends, discover new food, and savor the local culture. The market is centrally located and easily accessible by suburban residents.

Most importantly, it’s located just minutes from Farmington Lakes Apartments.

Explore the market, and immerse yourself in the lively, infectious atmosphere on Main Street. Have fun making connections with new people while enjoying a day out on the town.

My Sisters Lil Donut Shoppe

Locals say that My Sisters Lil Donut Shoppe is probably the sweetest offering on Main Street. Of course, we’re inclined to agree. This adorable shop offers a variety of pastries, donuts, and coffee. While you’re there, be sure to ask for the blueberry donuts with cream cheese frosting. The decadent topping and rich flavor will transport you to sweet treat heaven in no time! If frosting isn’t your style, however, we recommend one of the sour cream donuts. And here’s the clincher: this little shop is only a two-minute walk from the market.

Prairie Stitches Quilt Shoppe

If you aren’t hungry and prefer something a little different, try exploring the Prairie Stitches Quilt Shoppe! It sells an extensive variety of colored wool, fabrics, and knitting essentials. This establishment is perfect for knitters and quilters! On top of that, the shop hosts classes you can sign up for! It’s a great place to meet people, discuss favorite projects, and learn a new skill.

So, if you like what you’re hearing, don’t wait. The Oswego Main Street community beckons with the promise of new beginnings. Contact Farmington Lakes Apartments today, and we’ll be happy to show you our prime listings. You’re going to love being near all the action!


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