Oswego Nonprofits That You Can Support

Charities support the community through their hard work, but they need your help to succeed. Thanks to these three Oswego nonprofits, it’s easier than ever to make a difference. You can give back virtually without leaving the comfort of our luxurious Oswego apartments.

Just Giants

Just Giants is an animal rescue focused on — as the name suggests — giants. More specifically, giant dogs. Their mission is to “rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home” strays and other abandoned dogs. They secure the best homes for these dogs through their application process, ensuring they live fulfilling lives. You can donate to this worthy cause today through their quick and simple online form.

Celebrate Differences

Celebrate Differences offers a loving environment full of resources and support for children with disabilities and their families. They host fun events like book clubs and workshops, as well as a glamorous special needs prom. They also offer hands-on job skills training with A Pinch of Happiness, a spice shop they operate. You can get involved by donating directly, or by purchasing delicious spices or tea from their online store. All proceeds go directly to Celebrate Differences.

Recycled Rotts

Recycled Rotts is an animal shelter that focuses primarily on Rottweilers. Since the 1980s, the shelter has taken in dogs in need. They are given the best possible veterinary care before their temperaments are evaluated to find the home that’s right for them. There are a variety of ways to support this organization, from direct donations to buying a memorial for a beloved pet. They also offer employment matching through multiple companies, so your money could go twice as far to help dogs in need.

After supporting these wonderful Oswego nonprofits, grab yourself a treat at these local bakeries. If you’d like to know more about our vibrant community at Farmington Lakes Apartments, contact us today.

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