Plan a Movie Night in the Farmington Lakes TV Lounge

Home theater technology has made it possible now to get the full theater experience without the need to go all the way to the theater. At Farmington Lakes, we are one of the few apartment communities in Oswego with a TV lounge fully equipped to handle a movie night with your friends or family.

A successful movie night takes some planning to be successful.

  • Theme: You’ll want to start any movie night with a theme. It can be anything from movie classics to highlights from your favorite actor, but there needs to be a common thread that pulls all of the movies together. Get some input from your guests before movie night begins so you know the kinds of movies people are interested in seeing.
  • Activities: Sitting in a dark room for hours on end will make guests tired and unresponsive. Adding games or activities to the film-viewing experience will make the night more enjoyable. For an adult party, try a light drinking game with a well-known film. For a party with children or teens, try incorporating a bingo-style game based on common catch phrases and quotes from the movie.
  • Food: Every movie night needs some popcorn, so make sure you have enough for all of your guests. Beyond that, encourage guests to bring candy or other sugary snacks that they can share with everyone.

Our apartments in Oswego with a TV lounge give you a perfect place to hold a private party or spend time with loved ones. Contact us to learn more about our other amenities and how you can become a resident today.

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