Reduce Your Vampire Energy!

Earth Day will be happening on April 23rd. In fact, April is officially Earth Month: dedicated to all things ecological and green ways of living.

How can you contribute to Earth Day in your apartment at Farmington Lakes Apartments?

Well, there are a number of simple things you can do to live a green lifestyle- including conserving energy whenever possible.

One of the best ways to do this is by reducing your use of “vampire energy.” Vampire energy refers to the energy that is used by appliances that are not being used but are plugged in. (It also goes by names like ghost load and phantom energy, in case you like to vary your scary movie references.)

Plugged-in lamps, toasters, and microwaves, for example, still suck energy even if they aren’t turned on. Appliances that need to charge do the same: think smartphones, e-readers, and laptops. If they are fully charged, or you aren’t using them, they don’t need to pull power from the grid. But they do if they are plugged in.

Startlingly, plugged-in but-not-being-used-items account for 25% of all energy use in the home. Over time, all these things use more energy when they are left off rather than when they are turned on. Just imagine, one-quarter of your energy use would vanish with industrious unplugging from the socket.

We know that pulling out plugs from toasters, microwaves, lamps, and televisions can be kind of a pain. Pull out, plug in. Pull out, plug in. So, here’s an easier method.

Start with your rechargeables. Unplug your laptop when you’ve finished working on it for the day. Do the same with your smartphone.

Then, once you’re comfortable with that, move on to larger appliances. Monitor your electric bill before and after. You’ll be amazed

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