The Best Salons Around Oswego

Young woman at hairdresser in a local salon

Whether you are new to Oswego or an established resident, you may be looking for a salon that will keep you looking your best. We’re here to help! Here are some of the best salons around Oswego for both men and women.   The Best Salons Around Oswego Privato Salon Naperville native, Francesca D’Ambrosio, has […]

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Enjoy a Great Workout During a Pilates Class

Pilates is a form of exercise that people of all physical abilities can enjoy. Invented by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s, it features exercises that promote core strength and stability as well as muscle control and endurance. If you would like take some classes, nearby studios include: More Than Core Pilates Studio At More Than Core Pilates […]

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Take A Martial Arts Class Near Farmington Lakes

When you think of martial arts, self-defense probably comes to mind. But did you know that they can also provide benefits such as improved flexibility, better balance, and good cardiovascular health? If you’re interested in taking classes, nearby martial arts studios include: BH Martial Arts At BH Martial Arts, the instructors strive to maintain an atmosphere of […]

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