Go Horseback Riding At These Illinois Equestrian Schools

A teenage girl riding a horse at one of the best Illinois equestrian schools.

Horseback riding isn’t just a fun activity on a balmy spring afternoon. It’s also a relaxing way to improve your coordination, core strength, and health. This spring, enjoy the benefits of horseback riding at these Illinois equestrian schools. Best of all, two of our favorite riding schools are just a short drive away from Farmington […]

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Attend 3 Skill-Building Classes In Oswego, Illinois

Learning new skills during sewing classes in Oswego.

Learning new skills can help keep our minds sharp. Whether you’re still in school or you’ve been out for more years than you can count, you’ll love these three skill-building classes in Oswego. Get Crafty with Sewing Sewing is an excellent skill to have. You can quickly mend or alter your own clothing once you acquire […]

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Enhance Your Artistic Abilities At The Chicago Botanic Garden

Tapestry weaving at the Chicago Botanic Garden.

Would you like to learn new skills in a stunning setting? If so, you’ll love the Chicago Botanic Garden, which offers certificate programs in a number of areas. Check out courses in photography, garden design, and horticultural therapy. Upcoming courses include: Tapestry Weaving (Now until May 1) Tapestry weaving traces its roots back to the ancient world. The […]

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