Get More Plant-Based Food Options Near Oswego

A vegetable baked dish with tomatoes and eggplants at a restaurant near Oswego.

Vegetarians and vegans often resort to the proverbial salad plate when dining out. All things considered, it can certainly be tricky to find restaurants that offer tempting plant-based options. Likewise, conventional eaters who enjoy occasional meatless meals find themselves in the same predicament. Fortunately, we have some good news for you: there are more plant-based […]

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Celebrate The Good Life At Cheese, Chocolate, & Cabaret

Premier cheese and chocolates at Fox Valley Winery's wine-tasting celebration.

At Fox Valley Winery, the most splendid time of year is here again. Yes, we’re talking about the annual Cheese, Chocolate, & Cabaret, the most delectable wine-tasting benefit in Oswego. This event boasts an elegant evening of glamorous entertainment for everyone. Best of all, it’s just a short drive away from Farmington Lakes Apartments. About Cheese, Chocolate, […]

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Enjoy Delicious Food In Sandwich

Picking out delicious baked goods to take home.

Did you know that a historic city resides just 30 minutes west of Oswego? Yes, we’re talking about the city of Sandwich. Many locals claim that it got its name from the Earl of Sandwich. Others say that the city was named after the actual food item. At any rate, the city got its name […]

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