Shop For Bargains At Flea Markets In Suburban Chicago

Shopping at one of the best flea markets in suburban Chicago.

If you enjoy shopping for bargains, you won’t want to miss the following flea markets in suburban Chicago near Farmington Lakes Apartments. Trust us: there’ll be furniture, jewelry, electronics, toys, and crafts galore. So, make a point of stopping in; you never know what treasures you could find! Fox Valley Flea Market  Nestled in Aurora, […]

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Oswego Country Market: A Place Of Wonders

A woman in her 50's shops in a local outdoor farmers market with fresh, organic local fruits and vegetables. She smiles as she compares different vegetables for ripeness.

Do you love having access to fresh, quality food? If so, head over to the Oswego Country Market. This unique open-air market offers a bountiful selection of goods and produce. Best of all, it’s open Sundays from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm through September 30th. So, take a leisurely stroll through the market. We guarantee you’ll love the amazing […]

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The Downtown Oswego Country Market is Now Open

It’s the time of year when the sun shines, the temperature is warm, and you feel the urge to spend time outside. Outdoor events in Downtown Oswego provide the perfect way to spend time with others while enjoying the beautiful weather. Oswego Country Market is open for the season. You can check it out each Sunday now […]

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