Take Your Dog To A Groomer In Oswego

With spring in the air, chances are your dog is beginning to shed and is in need of a good grooming. If you’re on the hunt for a new groomer in the Oswego area, look no further than Paws in Time.

Paws in Time is a small, locally owned pet boarding facility and grooming shop. The owners are quite conscientious, always ensuring that dogs have the necessary vaccinations before administering services. This keeps everyone — whether they have two legs or four legs — safe and healthy.

At the day spa at Paws In Time, you can treat your dog to a full-service groom, which includes a thorough bath, a trim (if needed), a pedicure, pad cleaning, ear cleaning, and a shed-reduction treatment. If you really want to pamper your pet, opt for the hydro massage bath! Your dog will rest while warm water massages his or her muscles. After the massage treatment, the groomer will give him or her a facial and some other specialty services.

Paws in Time is happy to work with you to trim your dog to your preferred specifications. You’ll have time to discuss your preferred cut and style during a brief consultation at the start of your appointment.

If you’re going out of town and are looking for a kennel, Paws in Time also offers boarding for pets. They even offer training services to help hone your dog’s skills!

Visit Paws in Time at 456 Treasure Drive in Oswego, IL. Contact us if you’re looking for a pet-friendly apartment nearby.


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