Use the Built-In Desk to Create a Home Office in Oswego

If you live in one of our apartments in Oswego with built-in computer desks, you’re in luck. You are sitting on a home office, and you might not have even known it. With a few simple tips, you’ll be able to transform your desk in to a fully effective and productive office.

  • No need to pick out a desk since we already provide one, but you should really think about the type of chair you want. We suggest a large comfy chair for long hours or maybe even a stability ball chair for added fitness benefits.
  • If you only have one monitor, consider getting a second. This is especially helpful if you need to multitask or pull up a lot of tabs.
  • Remove clutter. This will provide a better range of motion, less distractions, and a clear mind. Put or throw away unneeded items every time you move away from your desk.
  • While natural light is best, if that’s not possible, be sure to have a good source of light for productivity.

Personalize your office space by putting up family pictures or small pieces of artwork on the walls.

For more information on our spacious apartments in Oswego, feel free to contact us.

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